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Are you concerned that your makeup or hair may not be perfect on your wedding day?

Do you want to leave a lasting impression on potential clients or employers?

Are you seeking assistance in developing a makeup look that reflects your unique style and personality? Look no further.

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Justine O, an experienced and highly skilled professional makeup artist, is dedicated to helping you achieve the flawless look you desire. Whether it’s for your dream wedding, a career-defining interview, or a captivating magazine feature, Justine possesses the expertise and unwavering passion to enhance your beauty and boost your confidence. Her mission is to make you look and feel amazing, not only on special occasions but every single day.

Investing in professional makeup can give you a competitive edge in securing your next job or career opportunity. Justine is committed to assisting you in presenting your best face, whether it’s for your website or an important presentation. In addition to makeup applications, Justine also provides hands-on demonstrations and personalized lessons, empowering you with the skills to consistently recreate your desired look.

Extensive Experience and Education in the World of Makeup

Justine’s impressive background includes teaching at the esteemed Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty, as well as holding several certifications from M.A.C. Cosmetics. With over seven years of experience as a retail artist and product specialist at M.A.C. stores, Justine has not only served numerous satisfied clients but has also inspired and educated her colleagues.

Having worked with both large and small parties, from intimate weddings to extravagant photo shoots, Justine is well-equipped to handle any event. For larger gatherings, she can even lead a team of skilled makeup artists, ensuring a stress-free experience before your big event.

Discover more about Justine’s group classes and private lessons by visiting this page. When you’re ready to create a new look tailored specifically for you, schedule an appointment with Justine O today!

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Let’s work together to achieve your beauty goals.

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Justine O

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