Private Makeup Lessons

Need extra “oomph” for your makeup routine?

I offer one-on-one lessons tailored to your needs and skills. Using a combination of your own products and mine (I have a combination of products which includes M.A.C Cosmetics, NARS, Senegence, Hourglass, Georgio Armani), I’ll show you the skills and techniques you’ll need to recreate the same looks every day! Step-by-step, we can work together to customise a look that works specifically for you.

Scared you won’t be able to recreate the same look?Cecille Short

Don’t worry!

The private lessons are very hands on. To show you the techniques, I will apply makeup to one side of your face before you do the same to the other side. That way, I can correct your application as you work. You get to practice the techniques with me right by your side!

Plus, we’ll be using your products, so you don’t have to worry about buying all new products.

Private lessons are tailored just for you!

We can use as little or as much makeup as you would like. Makeup looks will match your facial shape and personality.

Depending on your skill, I can show you a range of techniques from the simplest to the most complicated. At the end of the lesson, I will provide a list of products used and recommended in case you’d like to buy them in the future.

Need to impress during that important business meeting? Or wow that first date?

No problem! During each lesson, we’ll go over two looks, one daytime and one night.

Leena short

Ready to use those moves?

Each private lesson is hands on and completely tailored for you. We’ll use a mixture of your products and my recommendations to match your makeup style with your needs and personality. I’ll be there every step of the way to help you practice your newfound makeup skills!

Lessons last about 2 – 3 hours and cost $500 Additional travel charges may apply.

Set up an appointment now! You can use this contact form below, or call at 0451 514 114.

Before the lesson, please have ready:

Makeup 2

Your products

Clean brushes

Towel to lay your products onto

A well-lit area with bench space

A large mirror, if possible

Notepad and pen for notes

During the lesson, we’ll go through:

Preparing your skin for makeup, your current makeup kit, skincare and brushes

Powder and bronzer/blush application.

Foundation and concealer application

Filling in eyebrows to get the right shape for your faceeyelashes

Basic or advanced level eye shadow application

Applying eye shadow that flatters your eye shape

Curling eyelashes and applying mascara

Lip liner/Lipstick/Lip gloss application

More advanced techniques:

False lashes

Contouring with creams to chisel your face shape

Glitter application

Applying a BOLD lip color

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Are you ready?

Set up an appointment now! You can use this contact form below , or call at 0451 514 114.

Private Class

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