No Makeup Here is me with no makeup…

If you are like me, I like to look as natural as possible, while still cover up spots, pimples, dark circles, redness, and scarring. So really I prefer to look naturally flawless! lol

This step by step tutorial will show you how to cover up skin imperfections. By creating that perfect base, without looking overdone.

Note that makeup can cover colour, but it does NOT change the texture and appearance of your skin. I would always recommend a great skin care routine.

Also before you start, my rule when using product is ” Less is more ”


How to cover up skin imperfections products used

Products (from left to right):



How to cover up imperfections_0002Step 1. Prepare your skin for makeup

How to cover up imperfections_0003Step 2. Apply your foundation

How to cover up imperfections_0004

Step 3. Conceal problem areas

Step 4 Perfect

Step 4. Crank out the heavy duty concealer (if needed)



set with powderStep 5. Set your makeup

final product

Here is the end result. I have just added blush, mascara, lipgloss and drawn in my eyebrows for a complete look. As you can see you can still see the bump of my pimple, and probably some fine lines. you cannot hide.

You need to remember that everything in magazines have been retouched to look like they have perfect skin.

I say love the skin your in, makeup to me is fun, and it’s about enhancing what you’ve got.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Feel free to leave your comments below, and if you have anything that you wish for me to cover in a blog post let me know.

Till next time!


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